Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Book Review

I have another book review for you today.  It is an amazing children's book by the name of "God Gave Us You".  Absolutely, a great book for any parent to read to his/her child.

Here is the information I posted on the Blogging for Books Site.

Wanting a child so badly, yet not being able to have one is a pain that cannot be understood unless one has lived through it.  Luckily, our experience was relatively easy when referring to the world of infertility, but it was still a challenge.  Add that experience to a deep personnel faith, and you can completely understand how reading this touching story to my children is a challenge for me.  I am in tears within just a few pages of beginning the story (every time).  I wouldn't say this story is my children's favorite, but it is completely enjoyable, well written, and easy to follow even for my two year old.  I would recommend this book to any parent, and I think it makes a great shower gift!

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