Saturday, September 21, 2013

Duty Called!

Did you get worried because it has been a few days since I'd posted?  Well, no fears!  I just had paying customers I had to attend to.  Well, that and I have been at school volunteering since Wednesday, so that kind of cuts down on the crafting time.  

Anyway, back to the projects!  Word is getting out a bit about my flip flops, and I have had a few special orders recently that I had to make to get out to people.  So that is what I am sharing with you today...

These flip flops are made to match the colors of the local high school, and this is pair two of three current orders I have had for Bloodhound flip flops.  All in adult sizes, which I think is awesome!  Seriously, I live in Florida, so you will see people in flip flops all year long.  Why not be a little different?  Why should the little girls get all the fun stuff?  This is a creative way to show your school spirit in my opinion, of course!

I love making theme specific flip flops, but there is also something about the fun, anything goes stye, too.  I made this pair for Amelia's friend, which is the birthday party we are going to today.  I love giving out my flip flops and hair bows as gifts because you never have to worry that the child we get two of the same item, when it is something made from the heart!

And the last pair I will share with you today, is a special order pair from one of Amelia's favorite friends.  Unfortunately, the two don't get to see each other very often because of living so far away, but I love that when they do get back together it is like no time has past at all.  The pick up right where they left off!  It is too cute, and it makes my heart happy :)  Anyway, Makayla is in competitive gymnastics, and this pair matches her leotard.  I will be mailing them out to her today.
Thanks for looking!!

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