Friday, April 29, 2011

Bargain Shopping Haul

Okay, no crafting yesterday at all.  Conner and I were out trying to take advantage of some of the grocery/drug store deals for the week.  I know this is so not craft related, but I have been asked about my trips lots of times.  I decided being able to send people here would be a lot easier than individual emails.  Hey, I warned you that you'd never know what you were going to get on my blog!

Thursday was by far not my best bargain/haul day, but it was not my worst either.  
Totals were
Spent $49.63
Total Value $ 198.22
Saved $148.59

Here is all that I got, and please no comments about my shopping habits!  :-)

(2)  Schick 4ct replacement razor blades
(3)  12 count boxes of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts
(2)  Walgreen's Brand Aluminum Foil
(2)  Trident Vitality Gum Packs
(2)  Pretzel Dipper Snack Packs
(1)  L'Oreal Excellence To Go Hair Color
(2)  50 oz. Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent
(1)  Walgreen's Brand Alpha Hydroxy Cream  (FYI - this product has some awesome reviews on Youtube)
(2)  Jose Ole 20 ct Taquitos
(2)  Clorox 96 fl oz Bleach
(6)  Voskos Individual Size Yogurt
(2)  200 ct. Sundown Folic Acid Vitamins
(8)  Powerade Zero Drinks
(2)  Betty Crocker 16ct Fruit Snacks
(6)  Arm & Hammer 140 ct Dryer Sheets
(1)  Greek Salas Veggie Dip
(31)  Packets of Kool Aid mix
(12)  8ct Crystal Lite Canister
(1)  Bag Baby Carrots

Like I said, not too bad, but by far the best.  I had things I had to purchase this week, which makes my shopping totals more than I like to spend.  Of course, I am no Extreme Couponer, but I do use some of the tricks.
Thanks for stopping in again!

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