Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Invitation

Well, since we have officially begun planning for Amelia's 7th birthday, I thought I would post her invitations from last year.  Of course, the birthday party never happened.  The pizza place where the party was scheduled closed their doors and went out of business right before the party.  Thus, we improvised and had a small make your own pizza party at home.  Oh, don't feel sorry for her.  She had a pretty awesome birthday.  She ended up getting to go have a mani/pedi and getting a pair of Twinkle Toe Sketchers.  Regardless, here is what went out to all of her friends in her class.
 I used Celebrations to cut the cupcakes out of some yellow scraps.  You know, yellow cake, makes senses, right?  I alternated between using the glittered white and purple metallic paper for the cupcake papers and icing.  The purple metallic paper is from a 12X12 pack I bought years back at Walmart; the glitter cover what paper was from Joann's bought as single sheets.  The colored "sprinkles" are actually the little plastic melting pieces used when making sun catchers.  The number 6 "cherry" was cut with Keystone.
Thanks for looking!

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  1. Super cute--sorry for the last minute change of plans, but I'm sure she had a blast!!