Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday Update

Okay, so I have learned that the idea of me be able to post everyday may not be a possibility.  Conner and I both had doctor's appointments, a grocery store trip, story time, and the weekly Daisy Scout Meeting took up my entire Thursday.  Let me just put out there that I have a serious respect for single mothers.  I am not even single; Sean is home by 6:15pm (at the latest) most evenings, but it is hard enough getting to that point.  I've come to the decision that one of my least favorite things to do is it take my two year old to the doctor with me.  It may be selfish, but I feel like that is one thing I should be able to do by myself no questions asked.  Trying to keep Conner entertained while trying to talk to the doctor at the same time is so stressful.  I guess this is a perfect example of taking things you have for granted.  I would give anything to have a mamaw, nana, or grandma around to give me a break now and then, but oh well, that's not happening any time soon.  Thus, I will just have feel sorry for myself because no one else is going to.  And, also, since I don't really have any here to talk to about it, I just did it with you all.  
The plan is to be back to fun again soon once the stress has worn off.  Keep your fingers crossed I have some free time to spend in my craft room soon.  That always helps cut into the stress.  
Have a great Friday!!

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